Pro-Active Surveillance Programs Prevent Loss

Pro-Active Surveillance Programs Prevent Loss

Small businesses report millions of dollars lost from theft every day with the leading causes being employee theft (who may believe their frauds are undetectable) or from customers or intruders perpetrating planned or spur of the moment crimes.  Losses from employee theft, POS fraud, cash register theft, shoplifting and supplier fraud are extremely costly and can be severely impactful to a small business. A high quality camera system is a powerful, reliable and cost-effective tool to help business owners protect their assets. Importantly, they can not only a great tool for identifying crooks after the incident, but can also be used to deter criminals and to prevent theft before it happens

Pro-active surveillance programs help prevent loss by when determining which surveillance strategies will best suit your business and identifying how to implement them successfully.

1)    Install a high quality security camera.

 In the event of an incident, blurry footage will not do you any good. Ensure that you’re spending your valuable resources on a system that will provide you with the high quality images required. scDataCom will ensure that your system gives you ultimate theft prevention by installing industry leading brands, providing you with high-resolution images that enable you to follow suspicious behavior and make positive identifications.

2)    Ensure that there are no blind spots.

This is where working with an expert is critical – they can help you identify high risk areas that might otherwise be overlooked and abused.  High risk areas can include:

·      Network/storage closets

·      Deep freezers

·      Entry/Exits

·      Dumpsters

·      Cash registers

3)    Make sure you have adequate recording space and that it is retrievable.

It’s unlikely that you will need unlimited storage space for your surveillance footage but we advise (2) weeks of storage. That gives you plenty of time to identify and review any incidents that may occur.

4)    Manage your surveillance remotely – on your phone!

Keep a close eye on your business by ensuring that your system is configured for remote monitoring, allowing you (and any approved personnel) can view and manage your footage from your smartphone or from any internet enabled device.

scDataCom offers a variety of security solutions that can be customized to meet your specific business requirements.  A pro-active surveillance program will help business owners take action on suspicious behavior, prevent and detect shoplifting and internal theft, improve investigation time and, ultimately, provide a safer environment for customers and employees.

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