How DMR Can Help Achieve Maximum ROI

Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR, has received global recognition as a cutting edge technology that combines voice, data, features & applications. Thanks to the DMR standard, Hytera DMR radios work with any other compliant system. However, what really sets the Hytera brand apart is the vast range of features and capabilities available.

scDataCom is proud to be Savannah’s ONLY distributor of Hytera Radios.

Together, scDataCom and Hytera offer a communication solution that meets every need and fits every budget, long term. These radios are built to last and will be a sound investment in your business’s communications well into the future Every solution is easy to use and built for the end user – meaning minimal training is required. Our products are intuitive and simple to use; By making things simple and reducing the “learning curve” scDataCom and Hytera help customers maximize their ROI and improve the safety and productivity of their operations RIGHT AWAY.

For indoor environments (think retail or restaurants!) Hytera offers light and compact radios like the PD3 series – they are designed for ease of use and are light and compact.

For industrial or outdoor environments, Hytera has designed more rugged solutions such as the PD795Ex – this solution is crafted to withstand tough usage and is impermeable and explosion-proof.

So what functionality do DMR radios provide?

  • Dual Mode: Ensure a smooth transition from analogue to digital with dual mode functionality.

  • Noise Cancellation: Be heard anywhere with background noise cancellation, ensuring clarity wherever you go

  • Text Messaging: Text messaging functionality with a one-touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls

  • Versatile Voice Calls: Make the right call - individual, group or broadcast on all digital channels.

  • Advanced Safety Features: Stay safe at all times with Lone Worker, Man Down, Emergency Alarm and GPS positioning options.

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