Considerations for a Commercial Video Security Solution

A Video Security System can be a solution or deterrent to many common business problems, such as theft and vandalism.  However, a truly robust security camera solution can provide business owners’ with additional key benefits, including process improvements for retail or manufacturing organizations and increased safety for customers & staff alike. These additional benefits should be included in the buying decision when choosing a Business Security provider and can help savvy business owners optimize the full value of their investment.

To ensure that you’re investing in the best security system for your organization, it’s wise to seek the advice of an expert Commercial Security vendor.  Off the shelf options are always available but an experienced vendor with a long track record of designing and providing complex security services will be a valuable resource in helping you determine the typical outcomes and values a robust Video Security System can provide.  

The “value” of your Business Video Security System will depend entirely on your priorities as a business owner – your consultant should work with you to determine your business’s critical areas of concern and help customize the features of your system accordingly.

CCTV/Video Security Systems can include a wide variety of features, including:

  • Motion Detection Alerts

  • Wireless Remote Viewing

  • Remote Monitoring and Alerts

  • Wireless System Access

  • Smart CCTV Technology

  • Unlimited Video Storage

  • System Health Monitoring

  • Advanced Video Analytics

  • Thermal & Infrared Detection

  • Night Vision

  • Temperature Control

  • And more!!

With the vast reach of today’s technology, IP Cameras can be customized to meet any requirement, large or small.  New technologies and platforms can help businesses improve their security and the possibilities offered by video analytics can even help improve business processes and efficiency.

There are a wide variety of manufacturers, and price points, to consider and business owners looking to implement an integrated security and surveillance solution often find the range of options overwhelming. An expert and established commercial security consultant will be a valuable resource in narrowing the options and selecting an appropriate solution.

Here are some key considerations to review to help identify the business security solution that best meets your needs:

  1. What are your key objectives? Why do you want to install a new security and surveillance system? How will it be used within the business?  Try to think beyond the basic response of ‘better security’ – this can mean different things to different businesses. Be specific. For example, retailers or restaurants may want to focus on loss prevention or in-store theft. The more detailed you can be with your consultant, the better they can work to tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

  2. Know what metrics you’ll use to measure ROI. There will be budget constraints for any purchase, so it’s important to gauge early what your expectations are for the system’s essential features.

  3. Plan for the future. It’s also important to look at where your cost savings will be long term and to consider how your business may change over time. For instance, investing in a Video Management System (VMS) that can integrate different technologies may seem unnecessary now, but could make it much easier to manage capabilities, add functionality, and reduce the need for staff training over time.

Alaina Ford