"Punch it Chewie!" - 4 Reasons to Consider Fiber Optic Cabling

When planning your new network, there are several reasons to consider using Fiber Optic cables.

1) Faster Speeds - “Punch it, Chewie”

Fiber optic cables use light to transmit data - allowing them to carry signals at speeds fast than Cat5, Cat6, or copper cables (and with less signal degradation!) In fact, fiber carries signals at speeds only apx 30% slower than the speed of light.

That’s fast, folks! Even if you’re not a science buff, odds are that you know that light travels pretty darn fast. In fact, light can travel an incredible 186,282 miles per second.

2) Increased Distances

Fiber Optic cables can carry signals much farther than other cable solutions - while the actual distance depends on the style of cable, wavelength and network, standard ranges run from 300meters to 25 miles.

3) Better Reliability

Unlike copper, fiber is unaffected by temperature changes, severe weather, or even moisture. Additionally, fiber doesn’t carry an electric current, so it’s unaffected by electromagnetic interference (EMI) which can disrupt data transmission.

4) Security

Fiber cable is an excellent tool for data protection. It doesn’t radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap; and, if successfully tapped, it’s very easy to identify the issue quickly because the cable leaks light. If a break is made to the physical security of your fiber system, you’ll know it in real time.

Alaina FordComment