Improving Security for Veterans in Daytona

We are pleased to announce that scDataCom has been selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help improve the security infrastructure at the William V. Chappell, Jr. Out Patient Clinic in Daytona, Florida.

With the successful conclusion of this install, scDataCom will improve the security in the Daytona Beach Outpatient Clinic by providing the VA staff with comprehensive camera coverage of entries, exits, hallways, and staff areas to increase the security posture of the facility and staff.

scDataCom has a strong track record of experience securing healthcare facilities for both local Savannah Hospitals as well as V.A. Hospitals across the nation. This award marks the 6th security contract awarded to scDataCom by the Department of Veterans Affairs since 2015.

Part of scDataCom’s value to the medical community is our understanding of the unique challenges and regulations that hospitals face when it comes to securing their facilities. We are proud to offer our customers solutions from industry leading manufacturers and our experts customize every solution to best suit client requirements, every time. We understand that access to cutting edge technology is just the tip of the spear when it comes to building an effective patient safety program. scDataCom has a team of experts that seek to partner with our clients in order to provide advanced security options customized to meet each facility’s needs.

These efforts were applauded by Mr. Bob Staples, "scDataCom has formed a partnership with our organization and has a vendor integrity that is respected. We continue to use and rely on them". As the Manager of Safety, Security & Emergency Management at St Joseph's Candler/ Candler Hospitals, located in Savannah, Georgia, Mr. Staples has formed a valuable and long standing relationship with scDataCom's security experts in order to ensure the safety of his facilities.  When asked about the partnership experience, he says, "scDataCom's collaboration in planning, designing and executing significant improvements to our Video Surveillance System have clearly led to enhanced safety for our staff and patients alike. Their technicians are trusted partners; we know that when we encounter a problem, they will be here quickly to help us find a safe solution".

scDataCom has security, access control and video surveillance solutions that can be engineered for every room of the hospital, in order to help the medical community best protect their patients, employees, assets and information.

For the upcoming Daytona Veterans Affairs Installation, scDataCom has partnered with Pelco to provide a cutting-edge CCTV solution that will meet client requirements and leave room for future expansion of the video security system.

scDataCom will improve the security posture of this facility and staff by installing Sarix External Fixed Dome cameras that feature a remote zoom lens for wide angle or long range surveillance needs. Cameras Autofocus feature esures the camera can be automatically refocused when required. Surveillance capabilities suit customer requirements for CCTV coverage of parking lots and building exteriors and will provide optimal coverage of exterior areas even in low light situations, due to camera’s advanced color science and mechanical IR cut filter. Cameras are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, are vandal resistant up to IK10 and can withstand temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interior Dome cameras have auto gain control, white balance, and digital noise reduction to increase video quality in interior, fluorescent lighting, while optimizing bandwidth. Autofocus and remote zoom features are suitable for maintaining clear footage of customer sites, such as hallways, corridors and building interiors.

All camera models selected have been carefully reviewed by our security experts to ensure compliance with customer requirements and to meet the unique security parameters of a medical facility.

Efforts have also been made to leave room for further expansion - To avoid overloading the network, the camera models selected utilize Pelco’s Smart Compression Technology that dynamically analyzes motion occurring within live video feeds to intelligently compress the redundant information while retaining clear quality detail of footage of critical importance. The Digital Sentry NVR selected to support all recording devices will ensure increased data rate of up to 350 bps or 300 Mbps total output, allowing the server to support more users and more playback. 4TB storage drive can support up to 128 IP cameras and will offer hospital Safety and Security personnel vide storage of up to thirty days.

scDataCom is proud to be a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and we are very thankful for the opportunity to work in service of our nation’s veterans.  We are certain that our skilled technical staff and best-in-industry customer service provides our clients with a superior quality security installation and an outstanding value.