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Past Performance Record

scDataCom is pleased to have performed work for the following agencies.



Provide labor, equipment, professional services, training, and warranty support required to install new cameras and the architecture of a 10Gb VideoManagement System on a single mode fiber network. System includes (1048) IPCameras, (10) 720TB Servers, (10) Workstations, (60) Cisco PoE Switches, and all supporting cable, hardware, and software required to make a fully functional system. Phased installation to ensure minimal disruption to existing camera views and recording until newly installed cameras operational. Provided leadership resources including Project Manager and Site Supervisor to manage and oversee installation schedule and quality control.

Place of Performance: Montrose, New York


Design and install a fully functional CCV system AMAG Access Control System in support of ongoing renovations of the Mental Health and Emergency Department. Camera system included (17) IP cameras, network video encoders, NVRs, and associated cabling, hardware, and software. Provided and installed an updated Access Control system in the Emergency Department to include AMAG door hardware, panels, card readers, mag locks, and exit devices in order to enhance the security posture of the facility

Place of Performance: Orlando, Florida


Provided and installed a new CCV System in the SSA Pueblo Social Security Building with new fixed cameras, network video recorder, monitors, and miscellaneous supporting equipment. The system required complete re-cabling of building, installation of patch panels, switches, and associated support equipment to manage the new CCV system.

Place of performance: Pueblo, Colorado


scDataCom provided the William V. Chappell, Jr., Outpatient Clinic with new CCTV system comprised of (17) internal dome cameras, (7) external cameras, (1) client workstation with Control Point Software, (1) 24TB DSSRV NVR, (1) 21” Flat panel monitor and all applicable hardware and wiring necessary for a complete and robust system.

place of performance: Daytona, Florida


Provided and installed additional (9) PTZ cameras to previously installed CCV Camera System to enhance the viewing capability and accuracy for the exterior of the secured building.  Programmed all devices to integrate with existing system.

place of performance: mcchord afb, washington


Provided and installed a complete CCTV Security Camera System offering real time monitoring of interior and exterior of the Community Based Outreach Clinic. System included (31) interior and exterior IP cameras, server, racks, and all associated equipment and parts.

place of performance: Tifton, georgia


Provided and installed a complete IP CCV System to replace the existing obsolete analog system for the Directorate of Emergency Services, Police Department at Ft Carson, CO.  System was configured to provide complete surveillance of the building and surrounding area with clear recognizable features within 50 feet, interior building surveillance of interrogation rooms (including audio), and retention of video for evidentiary purposes.   Work included de-install of existing system and installation of (25) IP cameras, NVR, switches, and associated hardware for a complete stand-alone solution. 

place of performance: colorado springs, co


scDataCom provided a fully functional CCTV system including (2) recording servers, (51) cameras at both interior and exterior locations (3) viewing workstations (1) timeserver, and all associated supporting equipment and cabling to provide a fully functional CCTV system. Removed and disposed of existing system; replaced all Cat5 wiring with Cat6 to support new IP system. Provided annual service agreement covering entire system for a period of one year. All work was completed during normal duty hours within a fully occupied building and coordinated to minimize disruption to its occupants and their missioN Cameras were installed in a phased approach to minimize down time at any location throughout the installation.

place of performance: Mcchord AFB, Washington


Design, install, configure, and test a complete stand-alone CCV system at twoFederal Buildings. Designed to monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, parking areas, personnel entrances and exits, and the exterior perimeter of the building in order to detect and deter threats. System includes (15) multi-sensor IP Cameras, NVMS with software, Domain Controller, and all associated cabling, hardware, and software.

place of performance: concord, new hampshire


scDataCom responsible for all labor, equipment and materials necessary to provide and install additional interior and exterior CCTV cameras, recording and monitoring devices at the Social Security Administration.

place of performance:butte, montana


Provided and installed complete CCTV Security Camera System including (1) interior and (6) exterior cameras, NVR, NVMS, and all associated parts and equipment.

place of performance: Sioux falls, south dakota


scDataCom provided and installed a closed-circuit security system to monitor the building entrance and perimeter areas, public entrance lobby, weapons/armory room, evidence room, alien processing area and detainee cells. The system has recording capabilities, remote viewing capabilities and the capacity to have additional cameras or options added in the future.

place of performance: west palm beach, florida


Provided all equipment, installation, testing and training and a maintenance service agreement in support of a new stand-alone CCV system for the Western Air Defense Sector.  System designed to provide real-time monitoring of activity in critical access areas , live remote viewing, and retention of images for evidentiary purposes.  System included (51) Axis cameras, NVR, (3) Workstations, (2) Cisco switches, and all the supporting hardware and software for a fully functional solution. 

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