Security Camera Systems

scDataCom offers a comprehensive line of IP security camera systems featuring state-of-the art megapixel and HD cameras at an affordable price. We are experts in Video Surveillance and will work with you to customize a high quality solution with advanced features to enhance your facilities's surveillance.

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simple, cost efficient & effective

Security camera systems can help any business to deter theft before it happens, to catch someone in the act, or to find out what happened after the fact. Whether you need one camera and a monitor to show customers they’re under surveillance - or if you’re looking for a more robust infrared pan, tilt, zoom camera system to view and monitor an industrial facility, we can help make it simple, cost efficient and above all, effective.

custom design

Video Surveillance isn’t a one-size-fits-all job; each business has unique requirements that require customized solutions. Cookie cutter "bundles" sold sight unseen by the big alarm companies will not meet your business's needs. In order to implement a secure system you need an experienced team that will evaluate your property to find security vulnerabilities, understand traffic flow, tackle lighting challenges, and work with you in order to determine the best equipment that will ensure maximum coverage.

free remote view setup

We also understand that as a business owner, or manager, you can’t always have someone sitting at a desk to monitor your cameras and watch what’s going on. That’s why with every camera installation, we also include free remote view setup. That way, you can view cameras on your smart phone, tablet, or any other web enabled device.

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video management systems

We offer a complete line of Video Management Software (VMS) that can be scaled to provide every enterprise with the right solution for their needs. scDataCom solutions scalable from one to thousands of security cameras and have a easy-to-use customer interface. By monitoring video streams in real-time, our analytics software automatically generates alerts for events determined by the customer - get notified when your system picks up people or vehicles trespassing in restricted areas, and more! 

security monitoring

hd day/night imaging

Gone are the days of grainy black and white images on a fuzzy screen - our state of the art equipment will monitor your property with crystal clear imaging. We offer night vision security cameras in order to effectively monitor low-lit or completely dark environments without affecting the quality of your images.

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Event recording

Event recording allows business owners to conserve power and recording space by setting your system to record when an alarm is received or a motion sensor triggered. scDataCom can integrate your video security with your intrusion detection system for full spectrum coverage of your facility.