The Multiple Benefits of Video Surveillance for Manufacturing & Industrial Customers

As Savannah's economy booms, more manufacturing companies are moving their headquarters to the Low Country. Read on to find out how smart Industrial and Manufacturing customers are improving employee safety, enhancing operations, and increasing profits with scDataCom's customized surveillance solutions.

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How DMR Can Help Achieve Maximum ROI

Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR, has received global recognition as a cutting edge technology that combines voice, data, features & applications. Thanks to the DMR standard, Hytera DMR radios work with any other compliant system. However, what really sets the Hytera brand apart is the vast range of features and capabilities available.

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Alaina Ford
Pro-Active Surveillance Programs Prevent Loss

Small businesses report millions of dollars lost from theft every day with the leading causes being employee theft (who may believe their frauds are undetectable) or from customers or intruders perpetrating planned or spur of the moment crimes.  Losses from employee theft, POS fraud, cash register theft, shoplifting and supplier fraud are extremely costly and can be severely impactful to a small business. A high quality camera system is a powerful, reliable and cost-effective tool to help business owners protect their assets. Importantly, they can not only a great tool for identifying crooks after the incident, but can also be used to deter criminals and to prevent theft before it happens

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